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Round Rock Nissan cheerfully services all vehicles regardless of the make or model. To determine if your brakes are functioning as expected, schedule your Austin, TX, brake service in person or online today. Our expert technicians are looking forward to serving you and your vehicle.

The Benefits of Getting Your Brakes Checked Routinely

Normal maintenance on your vehicle is critical, but nothing is more critical than routine inspections of the brakes. While normal oil changes can help keep your car, truck, or SUV running more cleanly, routine brake inspections can help keep you safe. Making sure the brakes are in optimal condition can be the difference between getting into a collision or just missing one.

Warning Signs of Failing Brakes

To help avoid any potential brake failures, at the first warning of an issue, owners should get their brakes checked immediately. Some of the common symptoms of brake issues include a squealing or grinding sound when braking, a brake warning light that stays on, and vibrations or clunks when using the brakes. Other items to look out for include a brake pedal that suddenly feels different. If it suddenly feels spongy or much harder than normal, be sure to get it checked immediately. While these are the most common symptoms of brake problems it is not an exhaustive list. Ultimately, if the brakes feel off then you should probably schedule an appointment ASAP.

Brake Problems and How to Avoid Them

While there are other ways to lessen the chance of problems, routine maintenance is the ideal way to avoid any issues with your brakes. Firstly, don’t ride your brakes. You only create wear and tear on your brakes if your foot is constantly on the brake pedal, and you could end up overheating them, as well. If your brakes are worn or overheated it will take longer to slow down the vehicle. Downshifting instead of braking is an additional method to help prevent brake problems. Downshifting is helpful when driving down large hills or if you drive a vehicle with a standard transmission. Downshifting can slow down your car while taking the strain off of your brakes. One note to consider when downshifting is to make sure the RPMs do not get too high.

Benefits of Getting Your Brakes Checked Regularly

Nissan Brake Service – Austin TX

Nissan Brake Service - Austin TX

Round Rock Nissan is one of the best places for all your Nissan service and repair needs. Visit our local dealership to schedule your next Austin, TX, brake service, today. Our experts will have you back on the road in no time. Sí, se habla español.

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