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Broken O2 Sensor Signs

broken o2 sensor signs

Round Rock Nissan can show you what broken O2 sensor signs are.

Looking at all the different sensors a car uses daily, perhaps one of the most important ones is the O2 sensor, which is required for a vehicle to drive at its top-notch capability. With all of the exhaust fumes any vehicle creates, your car needs a piece of technology that recognizes the O2 levels produced in the exhaust gasses. The oxygen sensor has a crucial part to play in tracking a vehicle’s O2 levels to ensure the engine is efficiently using its fuel. A good-working O2 sensor will be an essential component of a consistent running vehicle. Still, a poor oxygen sensor can most likely lead to bad smells from your car, poor gas economy, and tamper with your powertrain’s performance ability. Here we’ll discuss things to look for when driving your car that can be telltale symptoms of a failed oxygen sensor.

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The Issues A Failing Oxygen Sensor Could Cause

What Are The Problems A Failed Oxygen Sensor Might Cause?

If you’re riding on the highway and smell something harsh out of your car, that can be a quick sign that the O2 sensor is going bad. If you start to pick up on some negative differences like bad powertrain performance, loud noises, or misfires, this can be a symptom of your O2 sensor probably having issues. A huge issue a failing oxygen sensor could cause is a sudden catalytic converter failure, which could cost a lot of money and may have your car stuck in the shop for a long duration of time.

How Does An Oxygen Sensor Die?

What Causes An Oxygen Sensor To Fail?

Like many other components of a car, oxygen sensors can wear down over time and start to fail. But if you aren’t paying close attention, a bad oxygen sensor could begin to bring major issues all over your vehicle. A build-up of contaminated oil ash or coolant can cause an oxygen sensor to fail, so a selection of fuel or oil is incredibly essential. If you see any issues like the ones listed above, it’s best to visit our professional mechanics, who can get you hooked up with an OEM O2 sensor replacement.

Can I Drive A Vehicle If It Has A Failed O2 Sensor?

If The Oxygen Sensor Goes Bad, Is It Okay To Drive My Car?

We advise against driving with a bad O2 sensor as the engine is not running on the right gas mixture. Though it might perform fine, if your engine is over-using its fuel and running rich it could end up clogging the catalytic converter. Considering the cost to get new oxygen sensors is much less than buying a brand-new catalytic converter, it’s worth making this decision earlier. Additionally, if your vehicle is over 15 years old or has over 60,000 miles on the road you may want to consider replacing your O2 sensors for optimal performance and lower pollution.

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