Damaged Gas Cap Indicators

damaged gas cap indicators

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The first symptom of faulty gas caps is probably a gas cap that won’t completely tighten or a loose gas cap. This may seem insignificant at first, but without an air-tight seal, the entire fuel system can be exposed to dirt and grime. If your gas cap isn’t closing properly, check the rubber seal to make sure it isn’t missing or brittle. If you drive an older vehicle, make sure the metal gas cap isn’t bent or damaged. Both can contribute to the gas cap problems and might require a replacement from the original manufacturer.

Gas Cap Check Engine Light

Gas Cap Check Engine Light, How Does It Happen?

What concerns can a non-secure gas cap cause? How about a check engine light just for starters? A loose gas cap will not only let fuel vapors escape, but it can also let in dirt and grime. These vapors could cause an error in the emissions system, which could light up the check engine light. Dirt and Grime that gets into the fuel tank could also damage injectors over time. Perhaps the most common indicator of a faulty gas cap is the gasoline smell in your car.

No Gas Cap on New Cars?

How Far Can You Drive Without a Gas Cap?

If your vehicle was not made with a capless fuel filler, it is not recommended that you drive without a gas cap installed. If your vehicle is older, there’s a chance that gasoline could escape from the gas tank during aggressive cornering or spirited driving. If you drive without a gas cap, it can lead to reduced fuel economy because the gasoline might evaporate without the correct seal on the gas tank. The gas smell is the gas evaporating from the fuel tank, causing reduced gas mileage.

Bad Gas, What are the Symptoms?

Bad Gas, What are the Signs?

If you’ve looked at the gas cap, the problems you’re having might be due to bad fuel. If the car, truck, or SUV has problems starting, won’t accelerate, or just isn’t running right, then you might just have a contaminated tank of gas.
If your vehicle just does not feel right and you aren’t sure if it’s bad fuel or just a bad gas cap, bring it here, and our knowledgeable service techs will diagnose the issue and give you options for fixing the problem.

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