Double Cab vs Crew Cab

double cab vs crew cab

What is a double cab vs crew cab?
It seems like no matter where you look, pickups are everywhere. The times when pickups were used only for work are long gone. These days, pickup trucks can be optioned to be as luxurious as the iconic names in luxury. There is a pickup made for you, no matter if you require a workhorse or want the lap of luxury. Once you figure out if you need 4WD (or just Rear-Wheel Drive), the next big decision is to figure out what cab size works best for you and your needs.

How to tell if a pickup is a Regular Cab

How to tell if a pickup is a Regular Cab

A regular cab pickup features one row of seats with a small amount of legroom and storage space, as the name implies. A regular cab used to be the single configuration available on pickup trucks. In many regular cab trucks, the seats almost touch the back side of the cab. This style is the practical version of a truck and can usually be ordered with manual windows and locks. A regular cab is a work pickup, not to haul friends and family.

How to tell if a pickup is an Extended Cab

What is an Extended Cab?

As you might expect, an Extended Cab (can also be called a Double Cab pickup) is basically just a Regular Cab with more space behind the front seating. When first introduced, extended cab pickups were available as 2-door models and had small rear jump seats available. Now sometimes known as a Double Cab pickup, these trucks now have tiny, second-row doors for access to the rear cargo area. Even though there are 2 rows of seats, an Extended Cab pickup wouldn’t be the best vehicle for long trips, even though it can haul more people.

Is a Crew Cab right for me?

What makes a pickup a Crew Cab?

While maybe not as obvious as the previous models, a Crew Cab pickup boasts four full-size doors and the room to hold, well, your ‘crew.’ Crew Cab trucks are designed to carry more of your stuff and-or passengers. In some circles, these kinds of trucks have become the family vehicle. A Crew Cab pickup truck’s more powerful engine choices and larger size are unavailable in the 4-door sedan segment while still being able to offer the rear-seat legroom and luxuries that families need.

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