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Nissan Custom Order

nissan custom order

Round Rock Nissan is happy to help you custom order a Nissan.

Years ago, if a car buyer was looking to make a custom order purchase, it usually meant that it was a rare car or they wanted something specific. Either way, the car buyers were happy to pay for the privilege of getting something exclusive, even if they knew it would likely take extra time to complete the order. The status symbol of purchasing that rare car offset the extra wait time vs. buying a new car from the local inventory. These days the car-buying landscape has dramatically shifted. Gone are the days of rows and rows of new cars to select from, so if you desire something unique, then custom ordering from the factory is now your best option. If one needs a car immediately, buying from the cars available on the lot now is still your best option.

Choose The Exact Car That You Want

Choose The Exact Car That You Want

The fun part of custom ordering your new vehicle is that you can choose just the features you need. You can choose NAV, leather seats, and AWD, and it can even be your lucky color: green! When purchasing from cars in stock, you probably would have compromised on your wishlist depending on vehicles that were in stock. You may be able to get all of the technology you wanted, but it was in a color you didn’t like. Or they had the right color, but it had cloth seats, not leather. When you custom order your next car, you get what you want.

Keep The Price Down By Getting Only What You Need

Order What You Want And Save Money

On the other hand, by ordering your brand-new vehicle from the manufacturer, you don’t get stuck with the upgrade you don’t want. Perhaps you were looking for All-Wheel Drive and Navigation but didn’t care about the leather seating or vehicle color. To be fair, you might not be able to individually select every option by itself, yet by ordering your brand-new car, you can reduce the unwanted options. Be sure to check out the available option packages, as they often offer popular upgrades combined together.

Save Time By Special Ordering Your Car

Special Order Your New Car And Save Time

If you know what you need, you can save time by ordering your vehicle. You won’t have to spend your day comparing features, test-driving different models, etc. It couldn’t be easier, just schedule some time with one of our sales representatives, and they will educate you on the custom order guide and help you pick only what you want. When your new car gets here, you can stop in, sign a few papers and be on your way. The new standard in the car-buying experience is custom ordering.

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Order A New Nissan

Round Rock Nissan is an ideal place near you. Our friendly team members are standing by to assist you with the entire process from start to finish. Start your custom order or contact us today for more information.

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