Fuel Efficient Cars – What You Should Know

Certainly, fuel efficient cars may save you a lot of cash on routine fill-ups in the in the long run. Gas prices fluctuate unpredictably, and essentially, every car owner needs to prepare well in advance by making fuel economy their leading priority. The majority of car buyers consider fuel efficiency a significant economic factor when buying an automobile. Actually, acquiring a car with better gas mileage can be a wise option as you can save countless dollars in the long run.

fuel economy vs efficiency and ways to improve it

How Are Automobiles Evaluated for Fuel Economy?

Fuel economy, or MPG, is measured under regulated conditions performed in a specialized lab. After performing a series of examinations specified by federal legislation, the brand designers calculate MPG numbers for each and every pre-production model. Automotive makers examine their cars and report the estimated outcomes to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). After the EPA evaluates the results they retest the vehicle at the National Vehicles and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, and the last number is confirmed.

Fuel Economy – What Does It Mean?

Fuel economy is a popular term, or a distinct measure among any person that possesses an automobile or wants to buy a car in the U.S. fuel economy refers to the amount of miles your automobile can travel per gallon of fuel. While miles per gallon is a number, “fuel efficiency” is a detailed term describing just how a car can efficiently use fuel.

Picking the Best Fuel Efficient Car

Driving a fuel efficient automobile will certainly save you money and positively impact the environment. Choosing the best fuel efficient vehicle for yourself or your family is vital. Here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing one:

  • Search for good fuel efficiency ratings.
  • Selecting a more recent model because they typically provide better engineering advances in fuel economy.
  • Know what your requirements are coupe, sedan, SUV, Crossover, Minivan or Truck?
  • Do your research! And if needed, talk to your sales professional for suggestions.

How To Optimize and Maintain The Fuel Efficiency of Vehicles:

If you already have a car and intend to maximize its fuel efficiency, here are some valuable tips.

Routine Upkeep:

Keeping your automobile well-kept will certainly enhance its efficiency in the long run. Regular oil changes, routine air-filter checks and changes, and spark plug replacements aid in maintaining your vehicle and will certainly lengthen its life also.

Keep an Eye on Your Tires:

Bad or worn-out tires will raise friction and tax your vehicle. Check your tire pressure routinely to keep your tires properly inflated. Even optimal wheel alignment helps to save fuel by reducing the amount of drag your automobile engine must overcome. Choosing low rolling resistance (LRR) tires also helps improving gas mileage.

Stay Clear Of Lugging Unnecessary Items:

Bring that extra weight in your car might negatively affect the fuel economy. Therefore, prevent placing large things on a roof rack and eliminate large items from your trunk whenever possible.

Keep Track of Your Fuel Economy:

To get the best fuel mileage, you should monitor your automobile’s performance and MPG. Note the odometer reading and monitor the number of gallons purchased. Simply, determine your vehicle’s mileage by dividing the number of miles traveled between fill-ups by the number of gallons used to fill up. Any extreme change in the numbers can be an indicator of engine trouble.

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