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What Is Making My Car Lights Flicker?

what is making my car lights flicker

Round Rock Nissan can show you what is making your car lights flicker.

If you see your car lights dimming while driving, it’s likely going to be from a battery that is dying. In the case when it’s not the battery, there are other common trouble areas that may be responsible for the issue. Whether it’s your car battery or something else, you should get the problem diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible. If your car lights aren’t functioning correctly, you might become a danger to other drivers.
Dimming car lights generally happen in 3 areas:

  • Dashboard lights
  • Interior lights
  • Headlights

Because the battery is the easiest item to diagnose, this is where most of us will look first. If you suspect the battery is dying, bring it here so we can diagnose the issue and get the correct parts for your car. While there are cases that result from a bad battery, there are other factors to consider.

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Bad bulbs or fuses

Bad bulbs or fuses

If your battery is not the cause of your flickering car lights, you might be dealing with a dying light bulb or a bad fuse. Dead bulbs are an easy and quick fix and present an opportunity to upgrade to new LED bulbs.
If your car has a bad fuse, you could be dealing with a bigger issue than you had originally anticipated. A fuse fails when there is excess electricity flowing through it. As an example, if the anti-lock brakes are connected to a 10amp fuse, and the fuse gets more than 10amps of electricity, the fuse will fail. In this situation, a failed fuse would cause your anti-lock brakes to fail. If there is a fuse that continues to fail, bring it in so we can accurately diagnose the bigger, potentially more dangerous issue.



Flickering lights can also be one of the signs your alternator is dying. Consider this, you use battery power to start your vehicle, but to keep your vehicle running, the power is supplied by the alternator. If you drive an older vehicle with halogen lights, you may notice them slowly get dimmer with a dying alternator. On newer cars with HID or LED lighting, they may flicker on and off or stop working altogether.

Headlight switch going bad

Headlight switch going bad

A bad light switch, whether it’s the headlight switch or an interior lights dimmer, should be considered if you have flickering car lights. In some rare situations, replacing a worn switch may solve the problem, especially in vehicles with excessive mileage or older vehicles. If your vehicle is new, it could be symptoms of a more significant problem with the car’s electrical system.
Diagnosing these issues can feel overwhelming, so if you experience any problems with the lights flickering on your vehicle, bring it to us immediately. Our trained technicians will diagnose the issue and provide you with options for fixing your flickering car lights.

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