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Why Is Your Car or Truck AC Not Cooling Properly?

why is your car or truck ac not cooling properly?

Round Rock Nissan invites you to learn why your car or truck ac is not cooling properly.

Your vehicle’s air-conditioning stopped working likely because of a freon leak or a failing compressor. While these are the simple to spot reasons for your AC not cooling inside the vehicle, a bad compressor belt or a dirty cabin air filter may also be the culprit. Regardless of why or how, it’s very disappointing when ice-cold air isn’t on to battle the hot weather outside. Don’t sweat it though, because our experienced technicians know what to look for and are there to get your car prepared before the first heat wave arrives.

Why Is My Car AC Not Working

Why Is My Car AC Not Working

The most likely reason your air-conditioner stopped cooling is your car’s AC started leaking. The vehicle’s air-conditioning system needs freon to lower the ambient air temperature and creates refreshing cold air. Whenever there is a freon leak on your car there is no way to cool the air. Another reason that your AC isn’t producing cold air is because your vehicle is a hybrid. The AC system is powered by the engine, so if your car is in EV mode then the engine has stopped running and does not power the air-conditioning.

My Air Conditioner Fan Isn't Blowing

My Air Conditioner Fan Isn’t Blowing

If the AC is turned on but the fan isn’t working then you might have a blown AC fuse. Fuses help protect car components from a power surge and even though it might just have to be replaced, if the AC fuse continues to pop then it’s possible there’s a larger issue at hand. A low amount of AC refrigerant or a possible leak might also be the issue, which our highly skilled technicians can look at.

What Makes My Car’s AC Leak

If you’ve seen damp spots around or in your car recently, that could be a result of an AC leak in your vehicle. For any air-conditioning to pump cold air into your vehicle, it has to displace all the moisture it’s used from outside and flows through the evaporator drain. This could also be caused by the AC Refrigerant amount being too low which leads to the evaporator coils freezing up and an overflow of condensation. You need to keep an eye out for faulty seals in the air-conditioning compartment or the AC’s air filters if the issue keeps happening.

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